Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Who is Axis?
Axis, your summit host, is a non-profit located in Colorado Springs. 

Our mission is to partner with parents and faith leaders to disciple students into having lifelong faith.  We help build lifelong faith by assisting parents in translating faith and culture, so that they can better connect with their teenagers, one conversation at a time.
What's the difference between free and lifetime?
The event is completely free from September 11-30. During this free period, four free speaker sessions will release per day and stay open for 72 hours each. There will be a rotating 72 hour window of speakers available at any given time.

To have full lifetime access to all the 50+ sessions from this summit, anyone can purchase The Lifetime Pass which gives you all the sessions plus some really helpful bonuses.

What am I signing up for?
This is an online event for parents, grandparents, and faith leaders of teenagers. Axis will be interviewing 50+ Christian faith leaders
& speakers leveraging their expertise to help you parent your teens. 

Where can I get more resources like this?
Axis provided another summit that we call the Parenting Teens Summit: Original. This summit is no longer free, but you can still purchase the Lifetime Pass for this summit any time. It includes session from Dr. Ravi Zacharias, Dr. Timothy Keller, Dr. Gary Chapman, Dr. Kathy Koch, Dr. Kara Powell and 40+ others. 

Our Parenting Teens Summits are a great toolbox for parents to use in improving their parenting "game." If you're looking for something that's more of a conversation starter with your teenagers, we recommend you check out our Virtual Conversation Kits on topics like Gender, Life, Gossip, Evangelism, Leadership, Pornography, The Bible, Prayer, Relationships, Suicide, Identity, and Drugs. 

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